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Your current tech stack is costing you — in more ways than one

Time is money, and money is...well, money.
Chances are, you’d like to save both, without sacrificing quality. That’s where Loxo comes in.

Some simple math

When you bring your entire recruiting workflow under one roof (ahem, Loxo), you:
Reduce your overall tech investment + reduce time-to-hire + increase your number of placements.

On average, teams who switch to Loxo see:


decrease in time-to-hire


decrease in total costs


more placements per recruiter each month


increase in billing per consultant

But enough about “averages” — let’s get specific and see how much you stand to save

Drag each slider below to the number that best represents your financial or time investment for each category. To the right, you’ll see how much your overall recruiting tech stack is costing you annually per recruiter — and how much Loxo could save you.

And because time savings and earning potential are just as important as cost savings, you’ll also see how switching to Loxo can help you increase efficiency and earnings. A real win-win-win, don’t you think?

Long story short:
When you switch to Loxo, you save

Talent Intelligence Platform

The power of true talent intelligence

Curious about how saving all this time and money is really possible? With your entire recruiting lifecycle in one AI-powered, user-friendly system, you spend less time wrangling tech and more time placing candidates. Built with the recruiter’s ideal workflow in mind, Loxo was designed to make every stage of your job easier — and more effective.

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