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Sales CRM

Grow your business with a Sales CRM designed for recruitment

Finally: a 360 platform, for 360 recruiters. Bring business development and customer relationship management into the same platform where you conduct the rest of your workflow — to win more business, forecast pipeline, and nurture prospects.

Loxo has the only sales Customer Relationship Management (CRM) designed specifically for recruiters. From prospecting to sales pipeline management, invoicing, and beyond — it’s time to focus on growing your recruiting business, not just managing it.

Your business is more than finding top talent

In order to do what you love most (matching talented candidates with their dream roles) you have to have roles to fill — which means you need steady & reliable business development and sales pipelines. Enter Loxo Sales CRM — your new best friend.

Become a hiring machine

Make 3x more placements per recruiter

Our Talent Intelligence Platform was designed to radically speed up your workflow by optimizing the fundamentals.

With less steps (& clicks) required, innovative & AI-powered capabilities, and an automatically updating database, recruiters are able to increase the quality of their talent pipelines and hire gold-star candidates in record breaking time.

Sales CRM

Nurture prospective clients just like your candidates

The #1 tool in a recruiter’s toolkit is their Recruiting CRM — where they can keep an ever-growing database of candidates, filled with rich insights that make perfect-fit placements an inevitability.

But what about the other side of things? Recruiters also need a way to forecast revenue, build healthy sales pipelines, and win more business. With Loxo, you leverage the most user-friendly & advanced Sales CRM in the recruiting marketplace — making it easier than ever to strategically grow your business within the same platform where you do your business.

AI-Enhanced Outreach

Stay top-of-mind with top-of-the-list clients

Easily build multi-step business development outreach flows, schedule meetings, set reminders, and create comprehensive call notes to ensure you’re not letting anything slip through the cracks — and leaving money on the table.


Real-time reporting = no more revenue surprises

Quickly access easy-to-understand reports and dashboards so you’re always informed about key metrics and performance. From general forecasting down to visibility into who on the team is building pipeline, you’re only a click away from insights that improve performance and drive better results.

Invoice Management

Build, send, & track invoices with a tool designed for recruiters

No more hunting down invoices or manually keeping track of what’s outstanding — in Loxo, you can track and schedule invoices with an invoicing tool that was created specifically for the recruiting process.

This means you can link a Job to a Deal, create invoices, and choose triggers that auto-set them to “due,” then track payments.

Centralize activities and communications in one place

Track all activities and historical communications in one centralized place for your team.

Deals pipeline and sales CRM

Manage all business development activities and forecast revenue in one software system.

CRM workflow triggers

Add prospects and clients to a campaign and allow workflow automation to handle the rest with custom or pre-built templates.

Omni-channel outreach

Build voice calling, email, SMS, and inMail into your campaign sequences to blow performance through the roof.

Invoice management

Build, send, and track invoices so you’ve always got visibility into outstanding payments and beyond.

Tasks and activities

Gone are the days of forgetting to follow up with clients or prospects. Manage and assign tasks for yourself or your team in just a few clicks.

Automatic activity logging

Emails, messages, and more are automatically logged. No more painful copy & pasting messages one by one into your CRM.

Send 1:1 or bulk outreach

Large prospect pool? Send outreach in bulk. Low-volume, account based prospecting? Send custom 1:1 outreach.

Easy back-office integrations

Effortlessly provide your back office with all of the information needed to run the business effectively.

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