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The Talent Intelligence Platform for

Say goodbye to separate ATS, CRM, outbound recruitment, data, and sourcing tools — simplify your workflow, cut costs, and radically improve performance by combining all of these into ONE AI-powered platform.

It shouldn’t take 10+ tools to make one hire

Loxo’s Talent Intelligence Platform was designed to bring the entire recruiting workflow under one roof — streamlining your process, ensuring data accuracy and visibility, and freeing up time for you to do what you do best: building relationships with top talent.

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If it doesn’t offer allllll this, it’s not a Talent Intelligence Platform

The recruiting process is clunky and broken

Developing carpal tunnel from clicking between different tools all day. Paying for multiple services and subscriptions and getting little value out of each. Staring at a string of 7,000 unanswered InMail messages.

Wasted time. Wasted money. Wasted effort.

Loxo was born out of an important question:
What if there was another way?

The old way
The new way

Manually input candidate info to database while viewing profile in sourcing tool

5 minutes per candidate

Adding profiles to your CRM

Use Loxo’s Chrome extension to import candidate info with one click

10 seconds per candidate

Search for contact info, draft message, send email, then eventually manually follow up

30 minutes per candidate

Candidate engagement

Candidates can be automatically added to campaigns based on pipeline stage

10 seconds per candidate

Copy emails and messages over to CRM, manually note when calls were made

1 minute per activity

Logging activities in your database

All activities are automatically logged in the platform, so nothing slips through the cracks

0 seconds per activity

Pull data from various sources, upload spreadsheets, build out reports one by one

1 hour per report

Analyzing & sharing performance reports

Simply input the parameters you want to see, then watch the reports generate themselves

5 minutes per activity

Export data from sourcing tool, upload to CRM, de-dupe and update records manually

4 days per year

Keeping your database up to date

Loxo automatically updates candidate information in real-time once they’re in your database

0 days per year


Reduction in time-to-hire


Software integrations available


Professional profiles


Reduction in total tech costs

Jack of all trades — and a master of them all, too

It’s not too good to be true; sometimes a platform really can do it all.

Take a closer look at Loxo’s individual features — each of which is a whole product at another provider.

...Not to brag or anything 😎

Loxo Source™ Loxo Connect™ Loxo Outreach™ + Outreach GPT™ Applicant Tracking System Recruiting CRM Sales CRM Reporting

Identify top talent faster with the world’s largest talent directory

Search our industry-leading database of 1.2 billion professionals with hyper-specific filters to find perfect-fit candidates faster than ever (try saying that 5x fast). Add in AI-ranking, real-time updates to your entire database, an intuitive UI, and more — and you’re well on your way to building a pipeline of qualified candidates faster than ever before.

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Access verified email, phone, and social profiles with one click

Bypass inMail and get in touch with candidates via our database of over 800 million verified emails & mobile numbers. We’ve got the most accurate and reliable personal contact information on the market, thanks to Loxo’s advanced machine-learning algorithms and proprietary data solutions.

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Automate outbound recruiting to become 5x more efficient

The pen may be mightier than the sword — but manual outreach is time-consuming and often fruitless. But now, you can drop candidates into proven, pre-built multichannel outreach sequences (or build your own repeatable templates from scratch!) to keep them engaged via SMS, call, inMail, and email — ensuring no perfect-fit candidates can slip through the cracks.

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A bird’s eye view of your entire talent pool

View all candidates across every stage and every job on one single page, so that you always have a high-level view of everything in motion. Loxo’s user interface and product design are unrivaled in the ATS marketplace — designed to make it as easy as possible for you to move candidates through stages and fill seats.

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High-performance recruiting begins (and ends!) here

Loxo’s Recruiting CRM is the most user-friendly and advanced in the marketplace. Use it to build talent pipelines, nurture prospects, take notes, view communication history & team activities, manage your workflow, run reports to identify performance improvement opportunities, and more.

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Grow your business with the only Sales CRM built for recruiters

Bring business development and customer relationship management into the same platform where you conduct the rest of your workflow — to win more business, forecast pipeline, and nurture prospects.

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Real-time reporting = no more revenue surprises

Quickly access easy-to-understand reports and dashboards so you’re always informed about key metrics and performance. From general forecasting down to visibility into who on the team is building pipeline, you’re only a click away from insights that improve performance and drive better results.

125,000+ of the best recruiters across the globe love using Loxo

Don’t take our word for it — take theirs instead. “Users” and “raving fans” tend to be one in the same around here.

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“I ran 72 candidates from my search through Loxo Connect™ and was blown away by how many emails Loxo found. Saved me so much time.”

Julia Adler

Sr. Sourcer & Marketing Lead

Verified customer

“When we onboard a new member, we always have to pick their jaw up off the floor once they see Loxo.”

Rob Thomas

Partner Executive Search Firm

Verified customer

“Loxo has the most incredible customer service I've ever encountered. This is a highly flexible team that evolves their product as the industry changes.”

Anthony Maggio

Three Pillars Recruiting

Verified customer

“I invest hundreds of hours researching recruiting tech and I selected Loxo for my own organization. Loxo is absolutely light years ahead.”

Tim Sackett

Top 10 Global HR Influencer

Verified customer

I've been in the product for 90 days and I'm just blown away. ATS/CRM is super nice to source through. Loxo Source is incredible for advanced Booleans and the database is rad around 500m+ people."

Will Spengler

Owner at Frederick Fox

Verified customer

“My advice is: Jump on board now, before your competitors or it’s too late to get on. You’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t.”

David Stephen Patterson

President of the Kineta Group

Verified customer

Numbers to prove it

Automated recruiting software saves more than time


reduction in costs

A decrease in cost across the entire talent lifecycle including cost to source and hire.


time to hire

Sourcing and workflow automation has drastically increased speed and reduced time to hire the perfect match.


customer satisfaction

We regularly ask our customers to rate how well we're doing. Short answer is they love us.

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